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When Should I Get My Locks Changed?

Home security often involves multiple layers—motion detectors, intrusion detectors, security cameras, panic rooms, etc.

While all these tools certainly enhance your home security, the front line of defense will always be the locks on your doors.

Door locks don’t require as much routine maintenance as other parts of the house and so are often overlooked, leading to disastrous consequences. Here are a few situations that warrant an immediate lock changed (or re-keying).

1- Wear and Tear

Locks are quite resilient, but even they wear down in time either due to mishaps or simple overuse.

Maintaining your locks will help make them last longer but it is inevitable that the locking mechanisms will fail and make it difficult for you to lock/unlock your doors. This is probably the only care where your only option is to get your door lock replaced.

2- Moving In

Regardless of whether it’s a new apartment or house you’re moving into, you can never be sure if the previous tenants made any spare copies. Get your locks changed or re-keyed and make sure that other than the landlord, only you and your roommates are in possession of the new keys.

3- Lost or Stolen Keys

Losing keys is a common occurrence that can happen to the best of us, so as a precautionary measure, make sure to never have your home address on your keys or keychain.

While lost keys may turn up eventually, you can’t risk them falling into the wrong hands and compromising your home security. If you’ve lost your keys or they’ve been stolen re-key your locks immediately.

4- Relationship Changes

Ending relationships on mutual terms is in everyone’s best interests, but oftentimes, emotions get the better of people and they’re wont to do unexpected things. It’s common for people to break into their partners homes and re-claim their possessions and even steal.

Moreover, this doesn’t only apply to breakups or divorces—former friends or roommates are just as likely to do the same.

5- Home Break-In

After a break-in, immediately assess how the burglars were able to break through your home’s security measures. Replace the lock at the entry point or upgrade the locks around the entire house as an added measure.

When it comes to lock replacement or rekeying, there isn’t any specific timeline to follow as with other parts of the house.

Any kind of incident or situation can create the need for lock changing. If you’re living in El Paso, Texas and are looking for a locksmith to replace or rekey your locks due to any reason, get in touch with us.

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