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When To Ask Your Locksmith to Change or Re-key Your Locks

elpasolocksmithJanuary 7, 2019

Your house locks might be fully functional and secure, but various factors could compromise the efficacy of your current lock system. However, shocking this might seem, rekeying locks is a cost-effective way of improving or maintaining your security system.

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How To Tell If Your Locks Have Sustained Damage

elpasolocksmithSeptember 8, 2018

Locks have an intricate mechanism; the wrong key or excessive pressure can damage the pins within the lock.

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Your Auto Locksmith in El Paso Explains What Goes into a Price Quote

elpasolocksmithJune 12, 2018

As with all other things, prices aren’t set in stone for locksmith services, no matter how many details one hammers out before the job is undertaken—there is always the possibility for unexpected costs.

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When Should I Get My Locks Changed?

elpasolocksmithJune 11, 2018

Home security often involves multiple layers—motion detectors, intrusion detectors, security cameras, panic rooms, etc.

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