Make Yourself More Secure—Install A Deadbolt System

Security is a major cause of concern for homeowners.

In 2012, burglaries occurred at a rate of 572 per 100,000 inhabitants in Metropolitan counties. Sixty percent of these burglaries involved forced entry in the house. These statistics alone give an idea regarding the importance of an effective lock system in your house. This is where the deadbolt system comes in.

A deadbolt system is a lock bolt, whichdoes not require the action of the spring. The lock bolt moves by turning the knob. This makes the lock sturdy and prevents it from breaking too easily, thus preventing any kind of forced entry in the house.

There are several benefits of using deadbolt systems in homes. Some of these include:

There are three types of deadbolt systems that homeowners can install in their homes. These include:

  1. Single Cylinder deadbolt: This is the simplest kind of deadbolt system. A key opens it up from one side. The other side of the bolt has a thumb piece. Doors, which do not have any kind of glass near them, use these types of bolts.
  2. Double cylinder deadbolt: This type of deadbolt system activates on both sides through keys. They are ideal for use in case there is glass near the door.
  3. Keyless cylinder deadbolt: A keyless deadbolt systems are easiest to use since they do not involve the use of keys. Instead, fingerprint scans and password activates these types of deadbolt systems.

You have multiple options to choose from when it comes to the installation of deadbolt. Each of the three aforementioned types of deadbolts has their pros and cons.

Absolute security
Deadbolt systems have a unique mechanism, which ensures that nobody forces their way inside your house.

Deadbolts are made of steel because of which they are extremely strong. They also do not require any kind of additional hardware apart from a metal strike plate. The metal strike plate helps in protecting the doorframe.

Normal locks can be broken with knives and crowbars but that is not the case with a deadbolt system. Electronic deadbolt systems are also beneficial since they automatically lock after the door closes. They remove the hassle of carrying and taking care of your door keys.

Security alarms are not affordable for everyone. However, an effective deadbolt completely eliminates the need for a security alarm. Normally deadbolt systems cost $30–$50, which isn’tmuch.

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